Can You Feed a Baby in a Car Seat? Convenience vs Safety

can you feed baby in car seat? Tips to help new mothers

As a mom, I have quickly learned that convenience is key. Whether it’s finding time to shower or being able to bring a sleeping baby from the car to the house without waking them up, every little bit helps. One convenience that I often wondered about was feeding my baby while they were still strapped … Read more

Baby Hates Tummy Time? Here is How to Make It Irresistible

my baby hates tummy time: a moms stress

As a parent, I quickly discovered that tummy time is a crucial milestone in my baby’s development. Little did I know that this seemingly simple activity could become a source of frustration for both of us. My baby hates tummy time! Every attempt to lay them on their stomach resulted in cries of protest and … Read more

5 Fun Alternatives To Tummy Time that Your Baby Will Love

a baby trying some fun alternatives to tummy time

As a new mom, I quickly learned that tummy time can be a challenging activity for both baby and parent. So I wanted to find better alternatives to tummy time for my baby to enjoy. While it’s important for promoting motor skills and preventing flat spots on a baby’s head, it’s not always easy to … Read more

Government Assistance Programs for Premature Babies

Having a premature baby can likely cause a financial burden, especially for low-income parents. First, you might need to put your child in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). NICU care costs are expensive compared to standard newborn care, exceeding $3,500 per infant per day.  Second, one parent will likely be forced to extend parental … Read more

Comfort Connection: Bonding with Your Newborn

Bonding with a newborn is essential for the well-being of the parents and the child. According to the National Library of Medicine, a child’s brain, social, emotional, and cognitive development depends on their bond with their parents. Bonding is the formation of an emotional connection between you and your baby. Just as you might be … Read more