15 New Mom Survival Kit Essentials

When I had my son, I quickly realized that motherhood is a full-time job that requires a lot of preparation, patience, and love. I needed some new mom survival kit essentials to bridge my preparation. During those first few weeks and months, I found myself feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and uncertain about how to navigate the new challenges that came with being a mother.

But as I started to figure out some of the things that I needed, I found that having the right essentials made all the difference. With so many products on the market, how do you know which ones are essential for your survival kit? Look no further!

In this comprehensive guide, I’m compiling this list so you can know what you need to prepare so you can have an easy time as you take care of your precious baby. I’m sharing my personal must-haves for feeding, diapering, sleeping and bath time to make sure your transition into motherhood is as smooth as possible.

Feeding Essentials

Breastfeeding can be a rewarding experience but it comes with its challenges. Depends, may be common postpartum items, but breast pads are essential for any new mom – whether breastfeeding or not. Leakage happens frequently during those first few months, so stock up on these absorbent pads to avoid embarrassing moments while out and about.

Formula feeding is another option for moms who prefer or need it. Having enough formula on hand is crucial for those middle-of-the-night feedings when you don’t have time to run out to the store.

Make sure you check expiration dates regularly and stock up accordingly – trust me, running out of formula can be stressful!

Breastfeeding Essentials

Nursing pads are a must-have for any new mom. It’s hard to predict when the milk will start flowing, and breast pads help prevent unexpected leaks that can leave you feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable. Trust me; it depends on how frequently you nurse or pump.

Breast pads are a must-have for new mothers to prevent unexpected leaks and discomfort.

Breastfeeding can be tough on your nipples, so use nipple cream to soothe and protect them. especially in the beginning stages when your body is still adjusting. Lanolin cream helps soothe sore nipples after breastfeeding sessions and provides relief from discomfort so that you can continue to breastfeed comfortably.

When your breasts become engorged with milk, a breast pump comes in handy. Not only does it help collect milk for later use, but pumping also relieves the pressure of engorgement and prevents mastitis infections.

Another must-have item is diaper cream. You never know when your little one might develop a rash or irritation, so having some on hand can really help calm their skin down. And don’t forget the changing pad!

Formula may seem like an alternative option, but having a good-quality breast pump is essential for any nursing mother who wants flexibility while maintaining their supply of natural milk!

Formula Feeding Essentials

As a new mom, formula feeding essentials were crucial to my survival kit. Bottles are a must-have – at least six with nipples and rings for formula or pumped breastmilk. But don’t forget the bottle brush!

An ergonomic handle and soft bristles make it easy to clean bottles, especially in tight spots. And when you’re on-the-go, a formula dispenser is a convenient container for storing pre-measured powder.

Overall, having these simple but necessary essentials will make all the difference in your journey as a new mom trying to navigate through the world of formula feeding.

Diapering Essentials

First and foremost, you’ll want to stock up on plenty of diapers in different sizes. Don’t forget to grab some wipes as well – they’re a lifesaver for cleaning up messes quickly and easily.

Whether you’re at home or out and about, having a clean surface to change your baby’s diaper on will make all the difference.


Choosing the right diaper is crucial for your baby’s comfort and overall health. As a first-time mom, I learned quickly that stocking up on various sizes of diapers was essential to avoid running out at inconvenient times.

Additionally, I found eco-friendly options such as cloth or biodegradable diapers to be more sustainable choices for my family.

Consider these tips when choosing and storing your baby’s diapers:

  • Choose the right size and type of diaper for your baby’s needs.
  • Stock up on diapers in various sizes to avoid running out at inconvenient times.
  • Consider eco-friendly options such as cloth or biodegradable diapers.

As someone who has been through it all, trust me when I say having a reliable supply of quality diapers will make all the difference in ensuring you and your little one have a stress-free day!


When it comes to wipes, there are a few things new moms should keep in mind. First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure the wipes you choose are gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. Look for options that don’t contain harsh chemicals or fragrances that could irritate their skin.

Another tip is to buy wipes in bulk, so you always have them on hand when you need them most. Plus, buying in larger quantities can save you money in the long run.

Finally, consider using reusable wipes as an eco-friendly alternative that can help reduce waste over time. Not only are these better for the environment, but they can also be more cost-effective since they’re washable and reusable.

  • Choose gentle options without harsh chemicals
  • Buy in bulk to save money
  • Consider using reusable wipes

Diaper Cream

When it comes to diaper cream, finding the right one for your baby’s skin type can make a world of difference. I quickly realized that my baby’s sensitive skin needed extra care and attention. Here are some tips on how to choose and use the perfect diaper cream:

  • Find a diaper cream that works well for your baby’s skin type, whether it be sensitive, dry, or prone to rashes.
  • Apply diaper cream at every diaper change to prevent irritation and chafing.
  • Experiment with natural remedies like coconut oil or cornstarch if you prefer a chemical-free option.

Trust me when I say that taking these small steps will not only keep your little one feeling comfortable but also save you from unnecessary stress in those first few months of motherhood.

Changing Pad

Choose a changing pad that is easy to clean and portable so you can use it wherever you need. I personally recommend getting one that folds up compactly and has a removable cover for easy washing. And if you want added protection against spills, consider investing in a waterproof liner or cover – trust me, accidents happen more often than not during diaper changes!

Another tip: keep extra covers on hand so you don’t have to worry about laundry all the time. And when choosing a design or color for your changing pad, go with something fun and playful – it’ll make diaper changes feel less like a chore!

Sleeping Essentials

Getting enough sleep as a new mom can be tough, but having the right sleeping essentials can make all the difference. Check these examples below for inspiration:

Crib or Bassinet

When it comes to choosing the right size and type of crib or bassinet, safety should be your top priority. Look for options that meet current safety standards, such as those with adjustable mattress heights and sturdy construction. And remember, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly to ensure maximum safety.

To set up your little one for optimal comfort in their sleeping space, consider investing in accessories like a waterproof mattress cover and fitted sheets made from breathable materials.

Additionally, some cribs come with built-in features like soothing vibrations or music players that can help lull your baby to sleep. Don’t forget to regularly check on your baby while they’re sleeping to make sure they’re comfortable and safe!

Swaddle Blankets

There are different types available that cater to different needs. Muslin and cotton blankets are breathable and lightweight, making them perfect for warm weather or newborns who tend to overheat. On the other hand, fleece and flannel swaddles provide warmth during colder months.

Swaddling your baby correctly can be a challenge at first, but with practice and patience, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Place your baby on their back with their arms straight by their sides before wrapping one side of the blanket snugly across their body towards the opposite shoulder.

swaddle blanket: a new mom survival kit essential

Tuck the remaining fabric under your little one’s back and finish by bringing up the bottom corner of the blanket and folding it over.

A swaddle blanket can also serve as a breastfeeding aid since some babies prefer being wrapped while nursing. It provides extra comfort for both mom and baby while promoting relaxation during feeding sessions – especially helpful if you have an easily distracted or fussy eater!

Sleep Sacks

When it comes to providing a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby, sleep sacks are a game changer. Not only do they eliminate the danger of loose blankets in the crib, but they also help regulate your infant’s body temperature while they sleep.

Choosing the right material and size is crucial for maximizing these benefits, as well as ensuring a cozy fit that will keep them secure throughout the night.

Maintaining proper temperature in your baby’s sleeping environment is essential for their health and safety. A sleep sack with breathable yet insulating fabric can help prevent overheating or chills during colder nights.

As a new mom myself, I highly recommend adding at least one high-quality sleep sack to your survival kit essentials list – trust me, you won’t regret it!

Bath time Essentials

As a new mom, bath time can be one of the most enjoyable moments with your baby. To make it stress-free and fun for both you and your little one, there are a few essentials that should be in every new mom’s survival kit.

First off, investing in a high-quality baby bathtub is essential to ensure safety during bathing time. A non-slip surface and comfortable design will help keep your baby secure while giving you peace of mind.

Baby Bathtub

As a first-time mom, I quickly realized that every inch of space in my small apartment mattered. That’s why the foldable option of our baby bathtub was a lifesaver. Easy to store away and even easier to set up, it gave us the flexibility we needed without compromising on quality.

Another crucial aspect for me was finding a bathtub with a non-slip bottom. As new parents, we were extra cautious about any potential hazards around our baby.

The added safety measure of the non-slip bottom gave us peace of mind during bath time while allowing our little one to splash around and have fun in the tub.

Baby Soap and Shampoo

As a new mom, I understand the importance of choosing baby soap and shampoo that is gentle on delicate skin. That’s why I recommend opting for a hypoallergenic formula to prevent any potential skin irritation. You want your little one’s bath time to be enjoyable, not uncomfortable.

In addition to being gentle on their delicate skin, it’s essential to choose tear-free products for a happy bath time experience. Trust me; nothing ruins a peaceful evening routine like an upset baby with stinging eyes!

To enhance relaxation further, consider purchasing soap and shampoo infused with natural ingredients such as lavender or chamomile – both known for their calming properties.

Other Crucial Things You Need As a New Mom

new mom survival kit essentials
Comfortable loungewearYou’ll spend a lot of time at home in the first few weeks, so invest in some comfy clothes.
Postpartum pads.You’ll experience bleeding after giving birth, so stock up on postpartum pads.
Healthy snacksKeep some granola bars and fruit on hand for quick and easy snacks.
Water bottleStaying hydrated is important for breastfeeding and overall health, so always carry a water bottle with you.
Vitamins/supplementsStaying hydrated is important for breastfeeding and overall health, so always carry a water bottle with you.
Eye maskIf you have trouble sleeping during the day, an eye mask can help block out light.
EarplugsBlock out noise and distractions with earplugs.
Relaxation audioWhite noise or calming music can help you relax and fall asleep easier.
Face wipesQuick and easy way to freshen up your face during busy days.
Hand sanitizer Keep your hands clean and prevent the spread of germs.
StrollerA good quality stroller will make it easy to get out and about with your little one, whether you’re running errands or taking a stroll in the park.
Baby clothesStock up on plenty of baby clothes, including onesies, sleepers, and outfits for outings. Don’t forget to keep in mind the weather and choose clothes that will keep your baby comfortable.
Baby nail clippersYour baby’s nails will grow quickly, so be sure to invest in a good quality pair of baby nail clippers to keep them trimmed and tidy.
Baby thermometerFevers can be scary for new moms, so having a reliable baby thermometer on hand can give you peace of mind and help you monitor your baby’s temperature.
Burp clothsMesses happen, especially during feeding time. Stock up on burp cloths to keep you and baby clean.
Baby monitorKeep an eye on your little one while they nap with a baby monitor. Choose one with video capability for added peace of mind.
Infant car seatSafety is paramount when it comes to transporting your baby. Invest in a quality infant car seat to ensure your baby is secure while on the road.
PacifiersPacifiers can be a lifesaver when your baby needs soothing, so it’s always good to have a few on hand.
Onesies and sleepersStock up on onesies and sleepers in various sizes and styles for your growing baby.

These 15 items are just a starting point for building your new mom survival kit. Don’t be afraid to add your own essentials to the list based on what works best for you and your baby. Remember, being a new mom can be overwhelming, but having these essentials will make the transition a little smoother.

As a first-time mom myself, I was grateful to have these items on hand when my baby boy arrived. They helped me navigate the challenges of motherhood and gave me confidence in caring for my little one.

BONUS: In addition to these items, I also found it helpful to have a support system of friends and family who could offer guidance and advice. As a new mom, I also needed emotional support and the tools to take care of my mental health.

Contact information for postpartum support groups, self-help books or podcasts, and notes of encouragement from loved ones were all things that helped me feel less alone and more empowered during this challenging time.

friends supporting a new mom

As a new mom, there will be many questions and moments of uncertainty, but having a community of support can make all the difference.

So, don’t hesitate to reach out to those around you and lean on them during this exciting, but sometimes challenging, chapter of your life.

With these essentials and a strong support system, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle whatever comes your way as a new mom. Don’t forget to take care of yourself during this exciting and challenging time. Happy motherhood!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some non-material items to include in a new mom survival kit?

Non-material items to include in a new mom survival kit may include a meal train schedule, an offer to do laundry or clean the house, a listening ear, or a heartfelt note.

What are some essentials for breastfeeding moms to include in a new mom survival kit?

Essentials for breastfeeding moms to include in a new mom survival kit may include breast pads, nipple cream, a nursing pillow, a breast pump, breast milk storage bags, and nursing-friendly tops.

How can I make a DIY new mom survival kit?

To make a DIY new mom survival kit, start by identifying items that the new mom may need or enjoy. Then, gather those items and package them in a container or basket. Consider including a mix of practical items (like diapers and wipes) and self-care items (like tea and bath salts).

How can I customize a new mom survival kit for a friend or family member?

To customize a new mom survival kit for a friend or family member, consider their preferences and needs. For example, if they love lavender, include lavender-scented bath products. If they have a specific dietary restriction, include snacks that fit their needs

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